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Article code Manufacturer Brand Description Image Enquiry
WMK-201-0512-9-1-4-K 64   AMO  Captor de giro ID 3814316  
WMK-201.10-0512-1-6   AMO  Sensor AUSG. 1 VSS, cable 1 mt., 12 pole, Connei coupling pin  
3814316(ex.15292/33403-05/07)   AMO  Encoder  
WMK-201-0512-9-1-4-K64   AMO  Encoder incremental 3814316  
6055990-24216-512   AMO  Sensor SN:0810543-231  
WMF-100-0512-S05   AMO  Phonic wheel SN: 5171-6-9  
All products   AMO  AMO All products  
WMR-100-0256-00   AMO  Measuring ring  
WMK-202.A-0256-3,0-6   AMO  Scanner Head  
LMKF-111.3-0-1,0-5   AMO  LMKF-111.3-0-1,0-5  

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